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Venue Trivia

Game Show Trivia Buzzers - 10 Set

Game Show Trivia Buzzers - 10 Set

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Our game show style wireless trivia buzzers create the most interactive Trivia event on the market!

Each team receive their own buzzer where the top button is used for first in questions and A-D is for multiple choice questions. They also light up and buzz like crazy!

To use our game show trivia buzzers you must have a Venue Trivia account and please note there are separate charges to use our quizzes and software. Please check our website.

- A to D Multiple Choice Buttons
- First In Button
- First In Light Up
- First In Speaker
- Wireless Buzzers
- 100 Maximum Buzzers per event
- Host Remote
- Maximum 100 Meter Range, this will vary based on placement of receiver in venues.

- Windows 11, 10 or 8 PC & USB Port
- 2 x D Batteries per Buzzer (Not included)
- 2 x AAA Batteries per Host Controller (Not included)
- Venue Trivia account

- 10 x Game Show Trivia Buzzers
- 1 x RF Receiver
- 1 x Host Remote
- 3 x Cases
- FREE Delivery

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